Invited talks

2019, Aging in America, Negotiating Control of Online Activity Around Sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information 

2018, Health Facilities Associate of Maryland, Digitizing Engagement: Improving Health Outcomes Through Technology

2018, Digitizing Engagement Live Webinar, Linked Senior

2018, EASST (European Association for the study of Science and Technology), Making Science, Technology and Society Together

2018, Maryland Gerontological Association, panel speaker, The New Era of Gero-Technology: Real-Life Challenges and Promising Solutions

2018, Lifespan Network and Aging 2.0, Harnessing Technology to Improve health and Wellness in the Aging Population

2018, Aging in America, Supporting Caregivers and Care Recipients with Home-Based Technology: An Amazon Alexa Pilot

2017, Person-Centered Research Forum, Narratives of Caregivers and Care recipients with cognitive impairment

2017, Leading Age Leaders Forum, Applying Design Thinking Principles to Everyday Challenges and Opportunities

2017, Aging in America, Cybersecurity and The Older Person

2017, Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, Pedagogical Innovations in Aging

2017, Memory Care Summit, Technological Solutions to Elder Care

2016, Health Facilities Association of Maryland, Health IT and Senior Living

2016, Integrace Institute, Deep Dive Method and Design Think

2015, Aging 2.0Person-Centered Technologies

2015, Aging in America Conference, Technology and Aging

2014, Ontario Retirement Communities Association, Future innovations in Technology

2014, Leadership Summit, The future of Aging and Technology

2013, Health Facilities Association of Maryland, Technology as Leverage in Qualify of Health Care

2012, Family & Nursing Care, Legacy Home Care, Boomers: The Aging Revolution, Giving Care Today, Receiving Care Tomorrow

2012, Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, Preparing for the Aging Revolution